Types Of Nose Piercings You Need To Know - Pain, Cost, Healing Time, Ideas & Aftercare

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If you are a die-heart lover of jewelry and want to adorn yourself more and more, your whole body is like a canvas. You can pierce anywhere from lips to lobes, belly button, and a lot more. One of the popular hotspots for piercing, of course, is your nose - there are several types of nose piercing available today, out of which, here are the 8 types of nose piercing, so you can wear your traditional nostril studs.

Nose piercing has traditional value in African and middle-east countries. Besides, it is a favorite spot of every jewel hunter.

Depending on your piercing goals, you can opt for various ways to showcase jewelry on your nose.

nose piercing types

It is always exciting to get a nose piercing, especially if you are a jewel lover. Many questions arise in your mind while deciding what type of nose piercing is best suitable for you.

But don’t worry, you reached the right destination. Here you will get all your questions answered.

We will assist you to choose the best sort of piercing so you can flaunt your gems.

What To Know Before Getting Nose Piercing?

With the available service and assortments in the nose piercing trends, it is important to check everything about the nose piercing, its impacts, and aftercare.

Here we have covered everything that you must be aware of before you go for a piercing.

Whether its children’s nose piercing, nose piercing for men, or nose piercing for women, pursue this article to be aware of each and everything related to them.

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A piercing is always very painful, no matter how professional piercing you have. It requires a proper healing method.

Getting yourself that awesome nose piercing needs proper guidance so that you can choose the trendy types of nose piercing, which suits your every nose hoop.

Around the world, there are multiple ways and ideas to get nose piercing, from which, here are some stunning types of nose piercing to flaunt your nose-jewel with attractive piercing.

nose piercing

If you are a genuine lover of gems or jewels, you should try nose piercing. It is one of the most adopted methods by men, women, and even children to make themselves more attractive.

Many people get their nose pierced to wear a fashionable jewel that pairs with their outfit and some people do this for their traditional rituals.

This practice is most popular in Asian countries where it has rich traditional values. However, in many areas, the size of the jewelry also implies the wealth of the family.

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In many cultures, the nose studs were allegedly gifted to new brides by their husbands as a form of traditional ritual. It is an eye-catching spot to decor yourself with cherished gems and jewels.

If you already got your nose pierced, you still need to be aware of aftercare. If the pierced area is not properly cared for, it can lead to inflammation and pain, which ultimately ruin your piercing experience.

So, before you head on to get a permanent piercing or you already have then, you should read this article to know each thing that will mitigate your pain and enhance your piercing experience.

What is Nose Piercing?

A nose piercing is a practice of piercing cartilage or skin of the nose. It is the third most common type of piercing after earlobe and tongue piercing.

This piercing art is initially famous among women, but slowly-slowly men also adopt this art and adorn themselves with their favorite jewels.

Scientific Reasons Behind Nose Piercing

For ages, nose jewelry has had significant value in Asian tradition. The significance of nose jewels differs from region to region.

different nose piercings

The nose jewelry is not only meant for fashion. There are some scientific reasons to wear nose-jewels as it is believed that it has several benefits.

Here are some of the scientific reasons behind nose piercing:

  • Control on Emotions: Many studies show that women with nose pins or nose jewels are emotionally very strong. And it is difficult to hypnotize or spellbind them. This is because the nose is an organ that can control feelings and emotions.
  • Strengthens the ovary: It is believed that nose piercing can strengthen the ovary. This is why many traditions insist women wear nose-jewels. Also, the point where the nose is pierced is related to the acupressure point related to delivery. Many people believe that when the nose is pierced at this point, women will face less pain during delivery.
  • Choosing the Right Metal: Wearing a gold metal nose pin is believed to absorb the heat coming out of the nostril and cooled out of the body. This is because gold has a heat-absorbing property.

Different Types of Nose Piercing in Trend!

Today, there are various types of nose piercing to adorn yourself with your favorite nostril stud. Here are the 8 most popular types of nose piercing which suit you.

Choose any one of them which is likely to match all your wardrobe jewels.

Nostril Piercing

nostril piercing

It may be controversial, but the trendiest type of nose piercing is Nostril. It is a classic way of piercing the nose, commonly practiced all over the world. It consists of a single hole on either side of the nose.

The nostril nose piercing on the side is popular among children and women because in many cultures there are lots of jewel designs for it - such as nostril screws, captive ball rings, circular barbells (horseshoes), L-shaped pins, studs, and nose rings.

It is an easy piercing option and is often considered the most versatile nose piercing.

As this piercing requires piercing through cartilage, expect more pain than the piercing in other parts of the body, like a belly button or ear piercing.

Also, you could get high nostril piercing - which is generally practiced as a traditional ritual. But as the name implies, you cannot wear a hoop because of its higher position.

Nostril Piercing Cost: $25 to $65

Nostril Piercing Healing Time: 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks

Nostril Piercing Jewelry Type: Labret Studs, Nose Bones, Nose Hoops, Captive Bead rings, L-bend nose rings, nostril screws, Circular Barbells, Fishtails, plugs

Bridge Piercing

bridge nose piercing

Bridge got the second position in our list of most popular types of nose piercing. Since it is a surface piercing, it doesn’t require cartilage or bone piercing.

This type of nose piercing is more susceptible to migration (a process in which your body pushes the piercing closer to the skin).

If this occurs, remove the jewelry and allow the hole to close.

With a bridge nose piercing, you can wear circular barbells and curved barbells. Curved barbells are ideal for this type of piercing, whereas straight barbells can increase the chance of migration.

Since this spot is situated near the eye, you’ll likely feel pain. But not that bad as this area is mainly made up of tissue, not cartilage.

Bridge Piercing Cost: $40 to $90

Bridge Piercing Healing Time: 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks

Bridge Piercing Jewelry: Straight/curved barbells, Micro bent barbells

Austin Bar Piercing

austin bar piercing

An Austin piercing looks like a bridge piercing, but it goes further down on your nose. It has a stud on both sides of the bar that begins from one end of the nostril and comes out on the other. Since it is close to the end of the nose, it can be a difficult piercing.

Austin Bar Piercing Cost: $40 to $90

Austin Bar Piercing Healing Time: 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks

Austin Bar Piercing Jewelry: Straight Barbell

Nasallang Piercing

nasallang piercing

Interestingly, the nasallang piercing is like the bridge and Austin bar; however, it is one of the more confounded nose piercings.

This piercing goes through one nostril horizontally, then through the septum, and out the other nostril.

It is basically penetrating three planes at once, associated with one straight barbell. Because of the intricacy of the piercing, it is viewed as very difficult — so it is suggested as a starter piece.

Nasallang Piercing Cost: $40 to $90

Nasallang Piercing Healing Time: 16 Weeks to 24 Weeks

Nasallang Piercing Jewelry: Fish tails, Straight barbells

Septum Piercing

septum nose piercing

The septum piercing goes through the thin membrane in the center point of your nose.

The penetrating beginnings lie with ancient civilizations like the Mayans and the Aztecs. However, in the last decade, septum piercing has gone standard.

The exceptional advantage of septum piercings? They can be discrete. With the right gem type, you can undoubtedly conceal the piercing. The septum is a ligament, however, which implies its generally excruciating.

You can embellish your septum piercing with captive bead rings, circular barbells, and in case you are devoted, gauges.

Whichever you go with, the material ought to be surgical-grade titanium, gold, or stainless steel.

Septum Piercing Cost: $40 to $90

Septum Piercing Healing Time: 16 Weeks to 24 Weeks

Septum Piercing Jewelry: Captive Bead rings, circular barbells, U bends, Septum rings, Pinchers, septum retainers, bent barbells

Septril Piercing

septril nose piercing

To get a septril piercing, you initially need to begin with a septum piercing. The septum piercing is loosened up large enough to fit another piece of adornments.

The septril then comes straight out the center of the columella of the nose, which is separating a piece of a ligament in the two nostrils.

The checking of a septum is a time-intensive practice and can be really excruciating, contingent upon the position and design of your septal ligament.

To the extent gems go, the vast majority wearing a septril will pick a small, flat back stud or curved barbell for the septril opening. For stretched septum, a tunnel, plug, and eyelet.

Septril Piercing Cost: $40 to $90

Septril Piercing Healing Time: 12 Weeks to 24 Weeks

Septril Piercing Jewelry: Labret Studs / Nose bones, curved barbells, eyelet, or flat back studs.

Rhino Piercing

rhino nose piercing

The rhino piercing gets its name since it resembles a rhino nose. It is done upward from the center point of the tip of the nose down to where a septril piercing is.

It is an uncommon and rare piercing, as per the specialists – so its another for the more advanced body art epicureans.

The interaction for cleaning the rhino piercing is equivalent to some other piercing — utilize a Q-tip and a saline solution to delicately clean the region so your adornments can keep on sparkling.

Rhino Piercing Cost: $60 to $100

Rhino Piercing Healing Time: 8 Weeks to 16 Weeks

Rhino Piercing Jewelry: Curved Barbells, Straight barbells

Third Eye Piercing

third eye nose piercing

In case you are searching for a genuinely remarkable look, why not consider the trendy third eye-piercing.

It is a dermal penetrating that extends upward from the bridge of the nose to the forehead. It’s also a trickier piercing, as there is very little skin to grab.

Before the needle is inserted, two openings are pictured first, followed by the jewelry. There are many more looking around, so this one is not for the weak-willed.

It can likewise be more inclined to complexities, including migration, infection, getting caught on clothing, and a higher risk of rejection.

Thrid eye piercing is also known as Bindi Piercing, Unicorn Piercing, Vertical Bridge Piercing, or Forehead Piercing.

If all works out in a good way, it can look stylish, elegant, and distinct.

Third Eye Piercing Cost: $60 to $100

Third Eye Piercing Healing Time: 24 Weeks to 40 Weeks

Third Eye Piercing Jewelry: Surface barbells

PS: The above nose piercing prices are the approximate cost of nose piercing. Actual prices may vary a little higher side or lower side as per your location.

Nose Piercing Pain and Healing Time

Nose piercing ranks relatively low on the scale of pain, around three to four out of ten. Most people feel it like a twinge and pinch, followed by a little amount of bruising.

You will likely feel pain, even water can come from your eyes, depending on your tolerance power.

upper nostril piercing

When it comes to healing time, piercing type and aftercare are the major factors that decide how much time it will take to heal.

A bridge piercing will heal in 12 weeks, a septum can take six to eight weeks, and a nasallang and nostril will take four to six months.

However, if you go for a more complex piercing like – Rhino- then, it can take six to nine months.

Side Effects of Nose Piercing

Piercing may lead to some side effects if not properly cared for. It is imperative to clean the piercing area and take adequate aftercare steps. However, jewelry metal can also lead to side effects.

Choosing or wearing implant-grade titanium and surgical steel will be the best option to avoid allergic reactions. In some cases, the body may reject the piercing and can close or grow over.

bridge piercing

But all the potential side effects can be reduced by simply following some instructions and hygiene.

Types of Nose Piercing Jewelry

There is a wide assortment of jewelry styles and materials you can browse when youre getting your nose pierced.

The most popular include barbells, screws, hoops, and studs. A piece of the choice will be made by the penetrating youre getting, just as by the standard gems the piercer uses.

Its ideal to pick something non-allergenic, for example, implant-grade steel or titanium, with regards to materials.

Whenever its healed, you can take a gander at different metals like top-notch gold, yet stay away from anything that contains nickel and plated costume jewelry, which frequently utilizes blended dyes and metals.