Types Of Ear Piercings You Need To Know - Pain, Cost, Healing Time, Ideas & Aftercare

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Getting yourself that awesome ear piercing is often bundled with a lot of questions! No matter how professional ear piercing you may have had some of the ear piercings types are always painful and require a proper healing method to be followed along with the effective measures for ear piercing aftercare.

Here in this article, we have already taken the initiative to answer all your curiosity about all types of ear piercings that varies from how much does it cost to get pierced to the various types of ear piercings ideas, how much pain is caused due to piercing to the time required for the cartilage healing and much more!

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Even if you have already got your ear pierced we have got you all covered with the best ear piercing aftercare measures and the ways to choose the right earrings for your unique ear piercings!

Let us move ahead with sharing all our knowledge and research about ear piercings!

What is Ear Piercing?

Ear piercing is the practice of making holes through one’s ear lobe and other parts of the ear making use of a needle of ear piercing guns so that an individual can wear jewelry through those.

With several types of ear piercing around there, this ear piercing guide can help you figure out the perfect piercing for you bringing you the opportunity to adorn and flaunt your ear lobes with unique piercings and attractive earrings.

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Ear piercing most of the time may cause inflammation or lead to certain piercing infections urging for the infected areas to be taken care of with appropriate healing and aftercare methods.

Since each ear piercing type may cause different levels of pain and injuries it is important for you to do thorough research prior to getting your ears pierced in order to ensure that what your actual requirement is and also how much would the type of piercing you chose hurt?

Before we move on to know about ear piercing infections, pain and aftercare let us first discover the various types of ear piercing and ear piercing ideas.

Different Types of Ear Piercings with Pictures

Trying to figure out the ear piercing type for a perfectly personalized dreamy look? Then we have the list of some of the coolest ear piercing types which are officially having a moment now!

Gone are the days when you were out with just a pair of studs in your ear lobe or maybe an additional cartilage loop to give yourself an edgy look.

different type of ear piercings

As of now, we have different ear piercing types in trend, each with its own vibe making a fashion statement everywhere when matched with the perfect earrings.

We will introduce you to some of the ear piercings names with pictures that are quite popular and that you can choose from them to customize your look!

Check out the brief overview about all the ear piercing types, what shall one do before getting an ear piercing, how much does the ear piercing costs, the pain levels in each type of ear piercing, average healing times as well as the ear piercing aftercare measures.

This information can help you envision your choice!

Earlobe Piercing

earlobe piercing

Earlobe piercing is a standard ear piercing type and almost all of us are familiar with it. It has been practiced for ages. Nonetheless, the ear piercing on the lobe gives you more choices in earrings as compared to others.

You can go for multiple earlobe piercings and further use your imaginations to pick the best and eye-catching combinations! This type of piercing causes negligible pain and the tiny wound heals very quickly.

Earlobe Piercing Cost: US$35 to US$50

Earlobe Piercing Healing Time: 6 to 8 Weeks

Transverse Lobe Piercing

transverse lobe ear piercing

Transverse lobe piercing is the traditional lobe piercing that involves a contemporary twist.

Piercing on the transverse lobe is performed horizontally below the lower part of your ear and the result differs as per the characteristics of one’s earlobe.

Adorned with barbell earrings this type of ear piercing is the safest bet to represent your style statement!

Transverse Lobe Piercing Cost: US$50 to US$100

Transverse Lobe Piercing Healing Time: 8 to 40 Weeks

Helix Piercing

helix piercing

Helix piercing is a painless ear piercing performed into the cartilage along with the upper ear. All you feel at the time of piercing is a slight prick of the ear piercing gun or needle used to perform it.

Helix piercing encourages you with the idea to adorn your helix area with various earrings such as studs, bead rings, barbells, etc. The helix area does not comprise any nerve endings and hence doesn’t cause any pain.

Helix Piercing Cost: US$40 to US$50

Helix Piercing Healing Time: 12 to 24 Weeks

Forward Helix Piercing

forward helix ear piercing

Forward helix ear piercing type is again a cartilage piercing. It is located right below the helix in its roots.

Ear piercing on the forward helix is one of the most popular types that can be further combined with other piercing types like orbital or industrial piercing.

It causes no pain and the piercing is adorned with beautiful studs or other delicate pieces of jewelry.

Forward Helix Piercing Cost: US$40 to US$50

Forward Helix Piercing Healing Time: 12 to 24 Weeks

Daith Piercing

daith ear piercing

Getting a Daith piercing done is one of the most challenging tasks, but once you get this done it would give you a more elegant and sophisticated look. Also, it contributes to reducing migraines.

Since this is one of the most challenging tasks it is advisable that you seek the expertise that makes use of a professional ear piercing gun to avoid mistakes and get it done in the right way.

Ear piercing on daith the innermost area of the cartilage is hard to go through and causes a lot of pain.

It relies upon the structure of your ear and only after long-term care of about 3-6 months to heal the wound you can wear the stylish earrings to flaunt the piercing and hence your style.

Daith Piercing Cost: US$30 to US$80

Daith Piercing Healing Time: 24 to 40 Weeks

Tragus Piercing

tragus ear piercing

Placed in front of the ear canal tragus is a part of the ear cartilage. Tragus Piercing is one of the most popular piercing types nowadays, though it is extremely painful and requires substantial time to heal.

Ear piercing on the tragus becomes even more challenging in case the tragus of air is thicker than normal but this can be taken over with proper aftercare which is worth it.

Tragus piercing is the most versatile ear piercing type that allows you to flaunt with vivid styles of jewelry.

Tragus Piercing Cost: US$30 to US$50

Tragus Piercing Healing Time: 12 to 24 Weeks

Anti-Tragus Piercing

anti tragus ear piercing

Though named as Anti tragus piercing, this is quite similar to the tragus ear piercing. Located above the classical earlobe, it is a regular earlobe piercing.

Some people may not have enough space to get punctures on the anti-tragus.

Anti-Tragus Piercing Cost: US$30 to US$100

Anti-Tragus Piercing Healing Time: 24 to 52 Weeks

Snug Piercing

snug ear piercing

Located at a shallow place in the inner cartilage of the ear, snug piercing is one of the widely noticed ear piercings ever.

Ear piercing on the snug requires you to have a lot of courage, as it is painful to the extremities. Before you head with this type of ear piercing it is advisable to go for a local anesthetization.

These ear piercings are adorned with micro pieces of jewelry or miniature earrings and studs.

Snug Piercing Cost: US$35 to US$80

Snug Piercing Healing Time: 16 to 24 Weeks

Rook Piercing

rook ear piercing

Rook piercing is very similar to snug piercing and placed vertically it lies above the tragus. Ear piercing on the rook is quite distinguishable and the most intimidating of all.

The fashionistas with ear-piercing can adorn it with neat and impressive bead rings or barbells.

Rook Piercing Cost: US$40 to US$100

Rook Piercing Healing Time: 24 to 44 Weeks

Conch Piercing

conch ear piercing

Conch piercing is named so due to its analogy similar to the conch seashells and is of two types i.e. inner and outer one. Ear piercing on a conch causes relatively lesser pain than what it seems to and gets healed quickly.

Bound bead ring adorns this piercing perfectly covering both inner and outer area and gives you a stunning look.

Conch Piercing Cost: US$40 to US$90

Conch Piercing Healing Time: 16 to 40 Weeks

Industrial Piercing

industrial ear piercing

Industrial piercing is a fancier type of ear piercing that comprises unusual double puncture to carry a single piece of jewelry.

Out of the two piercings in this industrial ear piercing type, one is placed in the forward helix while the other lies at the back of the ear.

Usually connected with a single barbell industrial piercing allows you to experiment with multiple designs of jewelry.

Industrial Piercing Cost: US$40 to US$70

Industrial Piercing Healing Time: 16 to 24 Weeks

Cartilage Piercing

cartilage ear piercing

Cartilage piercing in general is a kind of puncture in the outer ear that acts as an add-on to your astonishing looks.

Ear piercing on the cartilage can be decorated with cute studs, bead earrings, studs, and other impressive jewelry.

Cartilage Piercing Cost: US$50 to US$100

Cartilage Piercing Healing Time: 8 to 40 Weeks

Orbital Piercing

orbital ear piercing

Exhibiting another type of double puncture, orbital ear piercing is common for the helix and anti-helix area of the ear wherein a single jewelry piece connects the two piercings.

It is not specific to the helix or anti-helix instead it refers to any two-ear piercings that are connected through a single jewelry piece.

Orbital Piercing Cost: US$30 to US$100

Orbital Piercing Healing Time: 8 to 40 Weeks

Auricle Piercing

auricle ear piercing

Placed on the outer rim of the cartilage, auricle piercing is also known as rim piercing. The ear piercing on an auricle is perfect for you to try out the delicate or bold rings and make the deadliest fashion statements.

It is quite a painless type of ear piercing and takes about 3-4 months of healing the wound.

Auricle Piercing Cost: US$30 to US$50

Auricle Piercing Healing Time: 16 to 40 Weeks

Spiral Piercing

spiral ear piercing

Spiral piercing is a different kind of piercing than the everyday piercing ideas we may see. In this type of piercing, the ear lobe is filled with ear spiral jewelry pieces and can be stretched to the full earlobe area. This type of ear piercing comprises 2-3 or more punctures on the ear lobe for the spiral earrings to fit in. These are usually worn in a stretched ear and it decorates the ear lobe perfectly.

Spiral Piercing Cost: US$45 to US$70

Spiral Piercing Healing Time: 40 to 52 Weeks

Trident Piercing

trident ear piercing

Trident piercing is a kind of industrial piercing that requires four punctures in the ear for proper placement of the jewelry. The trident jewelry adorns your beauty by connecting the lower and upper parts of the auricle imparting a subtle elegance to your looks.

Trident Piercing Cost: US$45 to US$70

Trident Piercing Healing Time: 40 to 52 Weeks

How Painful Can Ear Piercing Be?

How much does an ear piercing hurt? This is possibly one of the most common questions expressing the individuals concern about the level of pain caused while getting ear piercings.

The pain caused by ear piercing is generally of two types i.e. one is the immediate sharp pain caused instantly while the needle is pierced through or a piercing gun is shot through the ears and this pain is minimal.

However, the other type of piercing is the one caused afterward due to inflammation or piercing infection and is quite annoying. This pain requires a proper ear piercing aftercare to heal effectively.

ear piercing pain

In order to rank from the most painful ear piercing to the least painful ear piercings, it is the earlobe piercing which is amongst the least painful one and those cartilage piercings can be extremely painful.

The piercing with the lowest order of pain is Daith piercing followed by Helix piercing, tragus piercing, rook piercing, snug piercing, conch piercing, and then comes the most painful industrial piercing which may take around 16 to 24 weeks of healing time.

The level of pain caused during the procedure of ear piercing is also concerned with the fact that how experienced is your piercer.

An experienced and professional piercer may carry out the process of ear piercing smoothly, thereby causing less pain and he also ensures that everything goes right.

How much does ear piercing cost?

Different Ear piercings have become the coolest fashion trends which do not seem to fade with time instead four to six ear piercings are now one of the common requests for an outstanding and fierce look.

ear piercing cost

When it comes to the ear piercing costs obviously it is pretty affordable and varies depending on the types of piercing and the kind of jewelry chosen.

Most Painful Ear Piercing Types

Since we are all familiar with the ear piercing types already, the next comes how painful can these multiple ear piercings be?

Although it is easy to guess yet let us tell you that the most painful ear piercings are the ones that involve the tougher piercing area. These involve the cartilage area and thus are more painful in comparison to the others.

painful ear piercing

These are inclusive of conch, tragus, anti-tragus, rook, and snug ear piercing. It requires a lot of patience and strength to get this type of ear piercing done.

Additionally, even the trident and industrial ear piercings aren’t easily bearable. Since these Ear piercing types require two or even more punctures in the cartilage at once.

However, these are performed quickly in comparison to others.

Least Painful Ear piercing Types

The least painful ear piercing is perhaps the traditional earlobe piercing. Now, you are all aware of both immensely painful ear piercings as well as the one which is least painful, or let us say it’s painless.

least painful ear piercing

The earlobe area is quite soft and thus causes negligible pain. This is also best opted as ear piercing for kids as they can easily go for this piercing procedure at a very early age.

Ear Piercing Guidelines

Ear piercings in general provide huge materialistic satisfaction and at the same time, these are also an emotional affair with integrated fashion statements.

Ear piercing concepts are widely prevalent even in remote areas across the world. At some places, Ear Piercing is regarded as a traditional practice and is a ceremonial affair.

aftercare ear piercing

If you are planning to go for ear piercings then there are certain guidelines and norms that you must follow strictly. These are:

  1. Research: Before you think of heading to the ear piercing shops nearby to get your ears pierced, go for a thorough research about different ear piercing names as you must know about each of its kind along with their aftercare in order to avoid any kind of sufferings later.
  2. Study your response to pain: Before you choose to get any kind of piercing, you should essentially be aware of the pain that it would cause and that if you have the strength to bear the same or it is beyond your tolerance level.
  3. Allergies: Before you visit the ear piercing shops please ensure that you aren’t allergic to any specific metal type as it can lead to fatal outcomes instead of making you are piercing a good experience.
  4. Always, go to a professional piercer: While you step out in search of an ear piercing parlor, you may come across many tattoo parlors as well that offer piercing service as well. Do not go to any such place which does not offer ear piercing with validation.

Ear Piercing Healing And Aftercare:

Ear Piercings definitely add to your look and so getting one is absolutely a great idea but this is not the end because ear piercing costs more if you overlook ear piercing healing and aftercare methods.

Make sure that different ear piercing types need specific healing times and aftercare methods as well.

ear piercing healing

Those ear piercings that need the least aftercare, include the transverse lobe as well as the earlobe. These may need multiple weeks to heal but one can easily change the jewelry at the earliest.

On the other hand, the cartilage piercing may require up to 9 months to heal.

Following are the measures to be taken for the aftercare of a fresh piercing to avoid any kind of side effects:

  • Do not touch the pierced ear immediately on the very first day.
  • Everyday care is very important! First, make sure that you clean the wound with warm water and sea salt in order to speed up the healing.
  • Avoid soap or shampoo from entering the piercing.
  • Do not twist the jewelry knowingly into the puncture and avoid changing it heals completely.
  • Do follow your piercer’s instructions.
  • Moreover, there are many solutions as well as slaves in the market which are made up of natural ingredients. Get the one that doesn’t require any harmful ingredients.
  • In case you witness swelling or itching in that area all of a sudden, then do not spray anything potentially rather consult your piercer or a hospital nearby.
  • After the healing is complete keep your ears clean as well as moisturized and do not overburden them with heavy jewelry.


Cool Ear piercings can add to your gaze while you are officially having a moment. Earlier it was limited to only two studs in your lobe and to some extent a cartilage hoop to provide you a hedgy look but now if you go through the ear piercing chart.

You may find enormous options with different types of ear piercings. Each of these can provide you a distinguished look when matched with the perfect piece from the choices of tons of earrings available.

Planning to get on? So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, for now, you know all about types of ear piercings!