Trident Piercing Infections

Trident Piercing Infections

Trident Piercing Infections

Trident piercing infections show some symptoms before it gets infected like extreme redness on your tragus area, white or clear seepage dripping out of the wound, throbbing around the Tragus, visible swollen area, or feeling extremely irritated by the heat of the Tragus. These symptoms are normal for a new trident piercing making it extreme is not normal. Generally, these symptoms only last two weeks after the piercing have been done and may not go after this limit.

Intense pain, swelling, bleeding, yellow or white pus seeping out of the wound, inflammation, and an unusual bump on any side of your Trident are some signs that your Trident piercing infection phase has started.

For better treatment, one should concern the doctor as they will prescribe the best and effective treatment options like topical medication or antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and topical steroids.

Some of the homecare methods to keep your trident infection-free are:

  1. Ensure that you regularly clean your piercing site as well as the piercing jewelry with soap water solution or saline water mixture. Never try to wash it with chlorhexidine, iodopovidone, hydrogen peroxide, or rubbing alcohol as they may add to your already infected area.
  2. Jewelry pieces have a major effect on your piercing infection. The most recommended type of jewelry is pure forms of gold, platinum, or silver types, whatever suits your skin. Metal and artificial wear can cause more allergies and related infections. Dont change your jewelry in the healing period and be smooth while taking it down at night and wearing it again in the morning.

What should I do if Trident Piercing gets infected?

The trident piercing wounds the tissues 2-3 times along the ears top slope and one penetration within the underlying lobe. Trident jewelry is often made up of one sharp turn metal and one huge curved barbell that is joined together to make a trident shape.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the trident piercing is a 6 on the pain scale. Because there are four ligament piercings throughout total, plus tissue is tougher and thicker than typical skin tissue, this score is high.

Although the pain from each piercing is quite short, you will most likely suffer discomfort for a few days afterward. To reduce swelling, apply ice packs and anti-inflammatory besides pain relief.

Because it is mild while removing contaminants, saline solution is an excellent piercing cleaning. At home, make your own saline mixture by dissolving 1 tablespoon of sea salt in 8-10 oz hot water. Apply a small amount of the solution to a clean blanket or towel and place it over your piercings a few times.

This can assist release any debris that may have been present and ease the piercing. Before discarding the cloth, gently wipe any jewelry ends. For consistently clean piercings, repeat this method once in the afternoon and once at midnight.

Whenever touching this piercing, constantly wash the hands. To avoid contamination and pierced bumps, be prepared to wipe your cell phone and mattress on a regular basis.

To avoid placing pressure around your new earring, sleep on either your back or the other side. Do not try to destroy your jewelry until it has fully healed. Removing jewelry too soon can result in pierced closure.