Trident Piercing Aftercare And Cleaning

Trident Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning

Trident Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning

The only tips and tricks that can control your pain and infections are the proper trident piercing aftercare and cleaning methods. Below we are discussing some methods through which you can get over the healing pain and piercing infections smoothly and easily.

  1. The most commonly used remedy that should be at least two times a day for the best results is the saline water solution. The salt solution acts as a disinfectant for your ears and piercing holes but also makes your piercing quite smooth and shiny as unnecessary dust, bacteria, and germs are removed. Here are the steps of how can you make a saline water solution:
  • The first step is to boil some water at high and low flame subsequently till it boils appropriately.
  • Nextly, add some normal salt to the water and mix well.
  • Allow the mixture to settle and cool down.

After making the saline water solution, you can use this solution in two ways to apply at your Trident piercing. Dip the cotton balls into the solution and subsequently apply them to the piercing and the jewelry twice a day. The other way out is to transfer the solution in a bottle and spray at your piercing but take care that water doesnt drip off and go into your ears. You can even disinfect the piercing holes and the jewelry separately for better clearance.

  1. Make sure that you dont press your piercing or wear a tight jewelry piece as this can result in long-term infections and bumps.
  2. Make use of soap and water to clean your piercing area when you are taking a bath.
  3. You can use homemade turmeric and tulsi paste to make your trident piercing heal faster and better. Using small neem sticks to put it in your piercing holes is another natural way of healing the piercing quickly.

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