Trident Piercing Complete Guide - Procedure, Pain, Healing Time, Aftercare, Cost, Jewelry

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Trident piercing is not one of the famous or commonly noticed types of piercing. Trident piercing is a unique perforation of the ear thrice, usually on the opposite sides of the ear, i.e., the lower and the upper part of the ear.

What is a Trident Piercing?

In the trident piercing, the three holes are made on the upper part of the ear, and a straight rod is passed through the lower part of the ear, making it hold correctly.

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What happens during a Trident Piercing?

Let us discuss what happens during a Trident piercing or what are the steps involved in trident piercing.

  1. First of all, you have to choose an experienced and professional piercer in your locality or anywhere.
  2. Secondly, you have to go to the piercing studio to get your Trident piercing done, and it is preferable to take someone with you to make you calm after the piercing is done because after all, you have to get three holes screwed in your ear altogether.
  3. The piercer usually starts by asking you a comfortable and suitable place for your Trident piercing done successfully.
  4. Then, he disinfects the ear of the piercing to avoid all the bacteria and germs entering your piercing hole.
  5. He asks you two to three times about the exact place of piercing to make sure that it is what you desired. In this case, the marks three piercing holes one after the other on the top of your ear lining.
  6. Finally, he uses a sterilized needle to make a hole in the places marked. This is the time when you will feel pain and anxiety because three holes are to be done subsequently.
  7. He or She then again sanitizes the ears and puts the jewelry piece according to you.

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Trident Piercing Pain Level

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is the level with no piercing pain, and 10 is the highest piercing pain level, trident piercing is rated at 6, which is more than the average pain level. It means trident piercing quite hurts.

The pain level also increases in this case as you have to get three holes pierced at the same time, one after the other, which automatically increases the pain level. However, there are many methods to get over this pain. The process of complete healing from the trident piercing is what we call the healing process, which is discussed below.

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The Healing Process of Trident Piercing

Trident piercing has 6 months-long healing process due to more number of piercings that are to be done in the process of trident piercing. The length of this healing process can be reduced by following aftercare and cleaning to make your piercing smooth, painless, and infection-free.

Lets begin our discussion on some of the tips to reduce your healing time and give you relief.

  1. Healing of the Trident piercing means to heal or get rid of the open wound that any piercing results. In the case of this type of cartilage piercing, the standard healing time usually goes up to six months.
  2. Using any chemical solutions like the ear care mixture, hydrogen peroxide, bacitracin, Hibiclens, Neosporin, and rubbing alcohol are incredibly harmful to your trident piercing and can make your condition even worse.
  3. Trident piercing healing can even get slower than the average period of six months if you possess any allergies, diabetes, or any other health problems.
  4. Switching your jewelry before the wound properly heals is another awful idea which increases your healing time even more.
  5. In this healing phase, you have to be calm and accept that some processes need time and will take time; you can only try your level best to reduce this healing time, but, finally, patience is the only key.
  6. However, one homemade solution that is effective in this condition is putting a thick layer of turmeric paste on your trident piercing, which heals your piercing infection even more. Putting a small stem of neem into your piercing is another way to heal your Trident piercing faster.
  7. You may encounter many trident piercing infections and wounds, which is indeed a part of the healing to smoothen your piercing for a lifetime. As soon as you catch the symptoms, consult a doctor for better treatment than homemade medication.

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Steps to do before a Trident Piercing

You have to make some preparations before actually sitting for a Trident piercing as these prerequisites can benefit you at the time when you are getting your Trident piercing done right.

  • Choose a light, comfortable, and stylish outfit when you are going for a Trident piercing. Light and comfortable because you have to sit down with all your patience and calmness as getting three holes actually hurt. And stylish because you have to get your right jewelry piece after the piercing, and if you have an outfit that suits your jewelry piece, you may forget your pain for some time and get engaged in choosing the right jewelry piece. Tight, dull, and uncomfortable wear can result in negative vibes and lack of patience when Trident pierces.
  • Tie up your hair or make a braid instead. Keeping your hair open is not a good idea as hair may become a barrier in the piercing process for the piercer. Knotting them together will result in the proper implementation of the process.
  • Although the piercer will disinfect your ears before starting the piercing process, using a natural cleanser on your ears and making them look good can be a positive point for you. Wash your ears with soap and water and smooth them properly.
  • Applying strong perfume, makeup, and other related stuff that can create a strong smell around should be avoided. As the piercer has to pierce your ears, strong makeup or perfume smell can make him penetrate at the wrong place, so keeping your overall look simple is a must.

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Trident Piercing Jewelry

Although there are numerous jewelry designs and styles for every type of piercing where some designs stand out to be expected, like the circular beads in different colors, sizes, and styles, round rings available in different sizes and colors, and many more. But Trident piercing jewelry pieces are somewhat different from these common trends, and particular jewelry pieces are designed for the Trident piercings and can only be worn with such types of piercing holes.

Here we are going to discuss some of the latest trends of the same:

  • Scaffold Earrings: These are the most common types of jewelry designs made for Trident piercing. These are made in Trishuls shape, where the three outgoing pieces are inserted in three holes of trident piercing made above the ear connected with a single rod that goes through the ear. It is the simplest trending design for Trident piercing and comes in various colors; rose gold, golden, silver, and black are some of the common colors.
  • Trident Industrial Barbell: These are the next best-sold type of trident jewelry pieces that look somewhat similar to Scaffold earrings, but the outlook and structure are different. The typical Trident industrial barbell is broader and shorter than scaffold earrings and varies with colors and designs but also has three outgoing pieces connected with a single rod. These piercings come in pure silver, pure gold, and many combinational colors.
  • Three-way Industrial Barbell: These barbell jewelry pieces are generally like Trident industrial barbell designs as they also have three circular pieces connected with a circle in the center through three rods. There is no limit of designs, colors, and outlooks to be chosen and thus varies many times.
  • Four-way Industrial Barbell: Almost similar to a three-way industrial barbell, these have four circles connected with a circular piece in the middle through four individual rods. The designs and styles can vary accordingly.

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Cost of Trident Piercing

An average trident piercing can cost up to $125, but the costs can sometimes differ according to the place and piercer you are going to. The additional jewelry cost is dependent on what type of piece you select from the piercing shop. The quality, color, trend, design, and texture of the earpiece decide its price and popularity. So, get the best according to what suits your skin, and you dont catch an infection or allergic symptoms after wearing any specific earpiece because money is not more than your skin.


Trident piercing is a type of ear piercing that is not known by the masses. As these piercings are cheaper than what ear jewelry pieces cost, they are attainable and hence are in fashion. Not only for fancy outlooks, but Trident piercing jewelry designs are also so different and unique that they look trendy and glorious even with simple, common, and elegant designs.