Tragus Piercing Aftercare And Cleaning

Tragus Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning

Tragus Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning

Getting a tragus piercing done is a simple process, but cleaning both the tragus pieces as well as the tragus piercing is essential.

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Here is a simple procedure on how to take care of your tragus piercing daily and keep it clean and painless:

  1. The first step is to take some fresh distilled water and some natural salt.

  2. Mix the salt and distilled water together properly.

  3. Heat the mixture so that it becomes lukewarm and can be touched easily without getting hurt.

  4. You can soak your tragus pierced into the water and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes.

  5. Or you can choose the other way. Lean your head over the container with lukewarm water with your Tragus piercing downwards. Immerse your piercing fully into the water and leave it for about 15 minutes.

  6. There is a third way out as well if you are not comfortable leaning down the container. You can dip a cloth or a cotton ball in the water and gently rub it on your tragus-piercing area. This will clean your tragus jewelry piece as well as the hole of the tragus piercing.

  7. If you follow steps 5 or 6, make sure that you rinse your ear with normal water without salt.

You should follow some precautions while performing the above cleaning process:

  • When you are using a cotton ball for cleaning your Tragus, make sure that you dont drip the liquid into your ear as salty water can harm your ear canal.

  • Press smoothly against the front side of the Tragus and clean it properly. Be extra careful when dealing with the backside of the Tragus as that area is very small, and cotton may not get fully inside it.

  • Instead of making a solution of your own, you can bring some ready-made solutions for cleaning your Tragus piercing without any mess.

  • You should pay much extra attention if you are removing your ear hair as it does not even touch the tragus piercing. Covering up the piercing or even removing it, for the time being, is a better option to go so that you dont harm your newly created tragus piercing.

How To Take Care Of Your Tragus Piercing?

While cleaning your tragus piercing, protecting your tragus jewelry piece is equally important. You should follow the steps below to make your jewelry piece last longer and make your tragus piercing, a success.

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  1. Never remove the jewelry piece from a newly created tragus piercing. Removing the jewelry piece from a new tragus piercing can result in closed tragus piercing, which mostly happens.
  2. Wash the outside of the piercing with a soap solution daily, either while bathing or elsewhere. As you have to keep wearing the piercing, a method is to be adopted to clean the tragus piercing from outside.
  3. You should never sleep with your newly created Tragus piercing on. It is said that you should always wear the piercing to keep the Tragus piercing open, but there is a time when you should remove it from your ears.
  4. Use simple water to wash and clean your tragus piercing. You should always keep in mind that you have to use only plain water, salt, and at max hydrated soap solution for cleaning the piercing.