Tragus Piercing Complete Guide - Procedure, Pain, Healing Time, Aftercare, Cost, Jewelry

Tragus Piercing

Tragus piercing is a similar type of ear piercing that is in trend nowadays. Not only for fancy outlooks but tragus piercing with regular curved or circular barbells or rings also gives you a simple yet elegant look.

Let us discuss further in more detail the tragus piercings procedure, pain, healing time, cost, jewelry, infection, aftercare, and some pictures.

What is Tragus?

The Tragus is one of the most prestigious parts of our external ear, mainly situated behind the meatus and ahead of the concha and the ear canal. It is a slightly harder section than the outer ear as it is made of cartilage, which makes it hard as well as has the ability to bend.

what is a targus piercing

It is one of the sensitive parts of the ear, and thus many of us face a lot of problems and pain while Tragus piercing, whereas others manage them without any issues. It sometimes depends on the thickness of the Tragus as well.

What is a Tragus Piercing?

Tragus Piercing is basically an aperture of the Tragus where a piece of jewelry can be inserted and is located in front of the ear canal. It eventually starts from the head leading towards the ear canal.

what is tragus piercing

Tragus piercings are mainly of three types:

Vertical Tragus Piercing is the type where the tragus gets pierced vertically.

Surface Tragus Piercing is actually not ear-piercing because this is done on the front face of the tragus. This type of tragus piercing is highly extraordinary and isn’t recommended to all.

Double/Triple Tragus piercing is the type that can be chosen in different combinations. The most common is the tragus-piercing combo above and below its edge. Usually, there are two or three earrings that are inserted, and they often create a pattern of four different vertical lines.

tragus piercing procedure

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What happens during a Tragus piercing?

Tragus piercing is a process that needs full attention and proper implementation. There are some essential steps in tragus piercing, which are to be done by the piercers carefully to finish with the piercing successfully.

  • The very first step every tragus piercer does is to disinfect the tragus area to make sure that there is no bacteria left, and all of them are adequately killed.

  • Before starting with the actual tragus piercing process, piercers ask the person to lie down comfortably on a bed or on a chair and often put a cork or cotton into your ear to avoid injury to your ear.

  • Usually, during a Tragus piercing, a low-gauge and hollow needle, which is either curved or straight, is inserted into the tragus part of the ear to make a hole as the regular ear piercing is done.

  • Sometimes, your Tragus may start to bleed during or after the piercing, but need not worry about that stage because it is a normal part of the process. There is nothing that needs to worry about or be surprised.

Tragus Piercing Pain

Surprisingly, tragus piercing causes much less pain than other similar ear or nose piercings. This is because the Tragus does not have many nerve endings, and the one which is present contains the tiny size of endings, which makes it less painful than other piercings.

tragis piercing pain

But still inserting a needle into your ear will make you feel some pain, and this pain is because of the thickness of the Tragus.

The pain can sometimes depend on the thickness of the Tragus. Although the Tragus is naturally thicker than other parts of the ear, if your Tragus is even thicker than normal, it would definitely require some extra force to get the needle into your Tragus. The piercer has to use a lot of force to put that needle into your Tragus if it is thicker than the normal tragus skin as it has to go through the thick cartilage.

If you have a typical tragus, you may also feel pain due to its thickness, but you have to be calm and accept the fact that it will hurt as you are inserting a needle in a part of your ear, but this pain does not lasts longer and will clear away very soon. Sometimes, the pain you may feel while tragus piercing is not the actual pain but the extra pressure or stress you may feel.

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Tragus Piercing Jewelry

There are numerous types of jewelry pieces that you can put onto your ear and related parts, but when it comes to piercing into your cartilage, you should be very careful.

tragus ear piercing jewelry

It needs extra attention for tragus piercing because this part is thicker than other ear parts but sensitive at the same time. Putting a piece of heavyweight jewelry on it can cause severe problems to your Tragus, especially if it does not heal properly. Putting a light jewelry piece into your Tragus is a good option.

tragus jewelry

At the same time, choices may differ from person to person as some may like a simple silver hoop, whereas others may go for any precious stones or high-quality jewelry piece.

Let us now see what the major types of tragus piercings that can be inserted into your Tragus easily and look fancy at the same time are.

Captive bead rings, earring studs, and Barbells can be the perfect fit for the jewelry in tragus piercing, whereas a small gauge style piercing jewelry is in trend nowadays.

  • Barbells: Barbells are small dot-type earring pieces that can be inserted into the Tragus and are a set of two, three, four, or even a single article.

  • Straight barbells: These types of barbells have a straight shaft. These have round balls at both ends and a straight lead rod, which connects them together.

  • Curved barbells: Like the straight barbells, these types of pieces also have two balls at the end, but the difference is in the line that connects the two balls, which is a curve edge in this case.
  • Horseshoe barbells: The pattern here goes the same as of having two circular balls at the end, but the shaft that connects it is in the shape of a horseshoe.

Apart from balls, there can also be other fancy designs on the tragus piercing, which gives it a whole new look. They are present in various colors apart from the traditional metal look.

tragus piercing jewelry

  • Circular barbells: There are somewhat like captive bead rings that have two beads in it rather than a single bead. The horseshoe barbell mentioned above is a special type of circular barbell.
  • Captive Bead Rings: As the name says it all, these types of tragus piercing are exactly round metal rings, which are easily inserted into the Tragus, thus also called ball closure ring.

  • Microdermals: These are small L-shaped piercing pieces that are so small that they can be fitted at almost every part of the body.

  • Labret Studs: Labret Studs are the type of typical traditional earning with an ending disc or round ball and a straight shaft that handles the front piece of your choice.

Tragus Piercing Infections

Tragus piercing infections are regular as any piercing generates an open wound, which takes time to heal. And in this healing time, tragus infection may develop, and there are specific reasons for it. Some of them are:

  • Oxygen issue: If you put an extreme and tight piercing into your Tragus, it will definitely not have enough space to breathe and thus may result in infection.

  • Hygiene: You should be very careful with your tragus piercing because touching your jewelry or the ear with wet, dirty, or infectious hands will definitely transfer bacteria to your Tragus, resulting in a serious tragus infection.

  • Hair: Long hair can actually stick to your tragus-piercing wound, which can make you irritated, increase the injury, and result in more pain and infection.

tragus piercing infection

Tragus piercing infections outlooks some symptoms before it actually gets infected like extreme redness on your tragus area, white or clear seepage dripping out of the wound, throbbing around the tragus, visible swollen area, or feeling extremely irritated by the heat of the Tragus.

These symptoms are usual for a new tragus piercing making it extreme is not normal.

Generally, these symptoms only last for about two weeks after the piercing has been done and may not go after this time limit.

Intense pain, swelling, bleeding, yellow or white pus seeping out of the wound, inflammation, and an unusual bump on any side of your tragus are some signs that your tragus-piercing infection phase has started.

For better treatment, one should concern the doctor as they will prescribe the best and effective treatment options like topical medication or antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and topical steroids.

How Long Will It Take A Tragus Piercing To Heal?

Healing of the tragus piercing means to heal or get rid of the open wound that any piercing results. In the case of cartilage piercing, the standard healing time of 12 to 24 Weeks.

Using any chemical solutions like the ear care mixture, hydrogen peroxide, bacitracin, Hibiclens, Neosporin, and rubbing alcohol are incredibly harmful to your tragus piercing and can make your condition even worse.

Tragus piercing healing can even get slower than the average time period of 24 to 40 Weeks if you possess any allergies, diabetes, or any other health problems.

Switching your jewelry before the wound properly heals is another horrible idea which increases your healing time even more.

In this healing phase, you may encounter many tragus piercing infections and wounds, which is indeed a part of the healing to smoothen your piercing for a lifetime.

As discussed above, as soon as you should catch the symptoms, you should consult a doctor for better treatment than homemade medication.

Is Tragus Piercing Really Costly?

Tragus piercing has gained much popularity and attention due to its budget-friendly designs and availability. These piercings differ in rate depending upon the designs. The average cost of a tragus piercing cost goes from US$30 to US$50.

Tragus Piercing Risks

Tragus piercing risks are similar to those that can be felt after any other piercing. As it is a little more thick and sensitive part of your ear, risks may improve much more. Some of these risks are listed as:

  • As said above, white pus seepage starts to drip out of your ear, which is painful and ugly at the same time. Some people may even feel extraordinarily uncomfortable and devastated by this appearance.

  • You may start to feel pressure on your tragus piercing if your jewelry is too tight or too small. Small piercing can make your condition even worse, and it will be very difficult to take your jewelry piece out of the hole.

  • If you follow all the aftercare guidelines to keep your Tragus clean, these conditions may not get to this extreme, and you will feel less pain and weirdness towards your tragus piercing.


Tragus piercing is a similar type of ear piercing that is in trend nowadays. As tragus piercing is cheaper than what actual ear jewelry pieces cost, they are attainable and hence are in fashion. Not only for fancy outlooks but tragus piercing with regular curved or circular barbells or rings also gives you a simple yet elegant look.