Spiral Piercing Complete Guide - Procedure, Pain, Healing Time, Aftercare, Cost, Jewelry

all about Spiral Piercing 

What is Spiral Piercing?

The perforation of cartilage many times and inserting a spiral decorative piece through the holes is what we call the Spiral piercing.

Spiral piercing is a different kind of piercing than the everyday piercing ideas we may see. In this type of piercing, the ear lobe is filled with ear spiral jewelry pieces and can be stretched to the full earlobe area. Its downward pressure is the cause of its survival.

What happens during a Spiral Piercing?

Spiral piercing is for persons who love to experiment with their piercing and styling techniques. Before actually going for a spiral piercing, you should know what happens during a Spiral piercing and what are the steps involved in spiral piercing.

  1. Your first job is to choose an experienced and professional piercer in your locality or anywhere with expert knowledge in piercing and stuff, especially in spiral piercing.
  2. Secondly, you have to go to the piercing studio to get your Spiral piercing done, and it is preferable to take someone with you to make you calm after the piercing is done because after all, you have to get multiple holes screwed in your ear altogether.
  3. The piercer usually starts by asking you, a comfortable and suitable place for your Spiral piercing done successfully.
  4. Then, he disinfects the ear of the piercing to avoid all the bacteria and germs entering your piercing holes.
  5. He asks you two to three times about the exact places of piercing according to the jewelry piece you would prefer. The piercer then marks multiple piercing holes one after the other on the sideline of your ear lobe.
  6. Finally, the piercer uses a sterilized needle to make a hole in the places marked. This is the time when you will feel pain and anxiety because multiple holes are to be made in your side ear lobe subsequently.
  7. He then again sanitizes the ears and puts on some attractive and unique jewelry according to you.

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Spiral Piercing pain

Cartilage piercings are famous for their unique piercing outlooks as well for their after-piercing pain. Spiral piercing is also a similar kind of cartilage piercing, which is rated as five to six on a scale of ten. This rating says that yes, spiral piercing is painful, and even the healing period is awful. You should be ready to tolerate your spiral piercing pain while you can use the painkillers to minimize or relieve pain. However, homemade solutions prove to be the best for such infections and allergies.

The healing process of Spiral Piercing

Spiral piercing takes almost months to heal completely and stop bleeding and showing allergic effects. The only way to minimize the healing period is to take care of the piercing at this time and follow some aftercare and proper cleaning tips to maintain the piercing smoothly.

  1. Wash your hands properly before cleaning your anti-tragus piercing.
  2. Use a mixture of water and salt solution for cleaning the pierced spot two times per day,
  3. Avoid using earphones or headphones to avoid injuring the piercing,
  4. Swimming should be avoided in this period as this could result in infections,
  5. Make sure that you dont get any dirty materials to touch your anti-tragus piercing,
  6. Use proper jewelry size according to the area of your spiral piercing, so that chances of getting ear piercing bumps, and unnecessary pain reduces.
  7. Avoid sleeping on the pierced side.

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Following are some extra guidelines that seem small but may result in a big blunder if not taken care of:

  1. Headphones and earbuds are elements that need attention.
  2. The location of the spiral piercing is such that when you have a newly equipped piercing, you will face difficulty in listening to music with headphones or earphones. There are some ways to get rid of this pain. The first one is to listen to music while keeping your speakers on and avoid using headgears. And the second one is to use more oversized headphones that would not harm your anti-tragus.
  3. Keep foreign objects away.
  4. Apart from headphones, clothing, hair, and other objects can get snared in the jewelry or bring harmful bacteria around the healing piercing. Keep your hair tied and away from the area of piercing during its healing period. Be extra careful while changing clothes so that you dont rip the jewelry from its piercing and cause harm to yourself.
  5. Avoid moving the jewelry.
  6. Cartilage piercings such as Spiral piercing tend to develop scars, cartilage bumps, and thick knots at the Spiral piercing area. Dont touch the jewelry and the area as it may lead to harm and damage to your anti-tragus.

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What should I do if Spiral Piercing gets infected?

When caring for a spiral piercing, its important to use mouthwash on the pierced regions on a daily basis. This will aid in the prevention of infection. The pearls or other jewelry that were placed mostly in holes immediately after piercing should not be removed, and a client would avoid twisting or twisting on her jewelry excessively since this could cause extra aggravation. It can take up to 3 months for a corkscrew piercing here on-ear to heal entirely. Spiral pierced on other regions of the body, including the lips, heal more quickly and can be healed entirely in about one month.

The dangers associated with spiral piercings are similar to those associated with any other sort or ear or lip piercing. A patient who gets this form of piercing only takes care of the punctured regions till they recover. With a spiral piercing, there are far more places to attend to at once, so its critical to give them all proper time. The two main hazards are cartilage injury and infection, however these may typically be prevented with good maintenance.

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Spiral Piercing Jewelry

The jewelry pieces available for Spiral Spiral piercing are quite different from other piercing jewelry.

Most of the jewelry pieces look similar to a normal spring with added functionalities to it. Some include circular beads at the starting and ending of the Spiral, while others have different designs and patterns. Also, the length of the wire depends on how many holes you have made and wanted to cover them with spiral jewelry.

There are some other spiral piercings that cover the whole of the ear lobe at regular intervals. In some cases, the piercing covers only a small portion of the ear with a unique and designed jewelry piece to outlook the overall appearance.

There is no limit of imagination, and any type of unique and creative design can be found and worn according to your choice. Hanging beads out of the Spiral piece also gives a different look and is counted in a piece of Spiral piercing jewelry.

Steps to do before a Spiral Piercing

  • A day before the piercing is to be done, you can change your bedsheet and pillow covers as they may contain germs and bacteria, which can cause tragus infection if you are said to lean down on your bed while piercing.
  • Your outfit can make a difference in your process of spiral piercing. Avoid wearing oversized or undersized clothes because this can make you uncomfortable at the time of spiral piercing when you have to sit for some minutes without getting disturbed. Choose some loose-fitting clothes yet comfortable for you so that you can relax immediately after your spiral piercing without changing your clothes.
  • Your hairstyle also plays a part in a successful spiral piercing. Open and unmanaged hair can lead to wrong piercing or can eventually hurt you or even the piercer. Tying up your hair in a ponytail, a bun or a braid is an excellent option to complete your piercing smoothly.
  • Using strong perfume, makeup, and other related stuff, which can create a strong smell around, should be avoided. As the piercer has to pierce your ears, strong makeup or perfume fragrance can make him penetrate at the wrong place, so keeping your overall look simple is a must.

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Spiral Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning

Following some trusted aftercare and skincare treatments for your piercing is probably the only way to get rid of your pain and reduce your healing time while minimizing infections and allergies. We have collected some useful and totally working tips and methods to make your Spiral piercing more successful and easy to handle.

The saltwater solution is said to be most effective for curing after piercing pain and reducing your healing process. Lets take a look at the proper procedure to make and apply this saline water solution.

  1. The first step is to take some fresh distilled water and some natural salt.
  2. Mix the salt and distilled water together correctly.
  3. Heat the mixture so that it becomes lukewarm and can be touched easily without getting hurt.
  4. You can soak your spiral jewelry piece into the water and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes and consequently spray the solution onto your Spiral piercing after removing the jewelry piece for proper cleaning.
  5. There is another way out to step four. Lean your head over the container with lukewarm water with your Spiral piercing downwards. Immerse your piercing fully into the water and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  6. There is a third way out as well if you are not comfortable leaning down the container. You can soak a cloth or cotton ball in the water and gently rub it on your spiral piercing area. This will clean your spiral jewelry piece as well as the hole of the spiral piercing.
  7. If you follow step 5 or 6, make sure that you rinse your ear with normal water without salt

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How to make your Spiral piercing last longer?

  1. Using any chemical solutions like the ear care mixture, hydrogen peroxide, bacitracin, Hibiclens, Neosporin, and rubbing alcohol are incredibly harmful to your tragus piercing and can make your condition even worse.
  2. Spiral piercing healing can even get slower than the average period of some months if you possess any allergic, diabetic, or any other health problems.
  3. Switching your jewelry before the wound properly heals is another lousy idea which increases your healing time even more.
  4. In the healing phase, you may encounter many spiral piercing infections and wounds, which is indeed a part of the healing to smoothen your piercing for a lifetime. As discussed above, as soon as you catch the symptoms, you should consult a doctor for better treatment than homemade medication.
  5. However, one homemade solution that is effective in this condition is putting a thick layer of turmeric paste on your tragus, which heals your piercing infection even more. Putting a small stem of neem into your piercing is another way to restore your tragus faster

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Spiral Piercing Infections

Infections in any type of piercing are common and unbeatable. You cant think of a piercing without any after infection and allergies because this is how these are. Only proper care can minimize them or eradicate them completely.

The essential step is to identify that your piercing has started being infected. Sudden swelling, extreme redness, itching, burning, tenderness, pain, or yellow pus discharge are symptoms indicating that your Spiral piercing is being infected.

After proper identification, the next part will take proper steps to reduce those infections by following some homemade medication and cleaning steps.

  • Keep washing your Spiral piercing with soap and water from time to time.
  • Dont remove the piercing because doing this can even cause the infection to spread more and go inside the hole.
  • Clean the piercing with normal water or saline water without using any chemicals.
  • Use antibiotic ointments only when the doctor prescribed you to do so.
  • See a doctor when the conditions go extreme, like when the redness or pus is out of control, and there is no improvement in the infection using home treatments.

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Cost of Spiral Piercing

The Spiral piercing cost can be estimated according to the place and type of jewelry design you are choosing. For getting your Spiral piercing done, you have to pay at least $45 to $60 if you go for a professional piercer. There are some low-cost piercers as well, but they give no guarantee that the piercing process will go smooth, and you will get a fine piercing afterward.

They dont take charge of any mistake that might happen. So, going to a professional piercing studio is a must as the safety of your ear piercing is more than some minor amount of money. The jewelry cost can vary according to the type of jewelry, size, shape, color, design, and the place you are getting it from.


Spiral piercings are in trend due to less pain at the time of piercing, variety of jewelry designs and styles, and location, away from the center of the ear, which makes it easier to heal without any disturbance. Spiral piercing jewelry designs are the reason why people get attracted to this piercing. However, proper cleaning and aftercare make any type of piercing a success.