Snug Piercing Complete Guide - Procedure, Pain, Healing Time, Aftercare, Cost, Jewelry

snug piercing

Understanding a snug piercing is a task in itself. Snug piercing is typically held between all of the different piercings. Lets try to get the exact location. Following the central line on the Anti-Tragus cartilage, you will find Anti-Helix, and there is the place where the snug piercing is done. In simple words, it is done at the outer and the inner portion of the ear, and you may end up joining them with ear jewelry or just going with any one of these. It has the following features from auricle and Rook piercing as well.

snug piercing procedure

What happens during a Snug Piercing?

In addition to so many similarities of Snug piercing with other piercing, the Snug piercing process goes almost the same as other ear piercing. Lets go through this procedure once more.

  1. The process of getting a Snug piercing starts from finding a reliable and professional piercer who can take your piercing process towards the end, smoothly and steadily.
  2. The next step is to fix an appointment with the piercer on any day you are free and ready to go. Make sure that you dont have any critical or urgent stuff on that day because your piercing pain will not allow you to concentrate.
  3. Finally, when you reach the piercing studio, you may need to wait for some time as the piercer makes arrangements for the piercing to be done.
  4. Then, the piercer asks you to sit on a comfortable chair in a perfect position to get your piercing done. He will clean your ear where you wish to get the piercing done.
  5. The piercer will ask you the exact place of piercing, and after you decide it, he puts a mark on the same. He then would pierce the ear using a piercing needle.
  6. You may experience some bleeding and pain in the ears while going through the piercing process, but thats quite normal because as you are getting the needle through your skin, bleeding would be there. Still, it is not a long-lasting one and stops after sometime as soon as the piercer places some cotton and disinfects the piercing.

snug piercing meaning

Snug Piercing Pain and The Healing Process

Cartilage piercings seem to be more painful than other normal piercings. Snug piercing is not known for being very painful, but yes, you can take its level of painfulness on the average scale.

The extra pain in this Snug cartilage piercing can be felt sometimes, and this is mere because of the small needle size and more thickness of the piercing than other ear parts. As a sharp needle is inserted at your Snug piercing, you will feel pain and stress when the process is going on and even afterward for a few months or even a year. This is what we call the healing period of the Snug piercing.

At the time when the procedure of Snug piercing is going on, the level of experience your piercer has will definitely affect your level of pain at that time because a more experienced and professional piercer would do it in less time keeping your pain minimal.

But the healing process will take time as it is meant to be. You can reduce the pain and the period by getting it healed faster through various remedies.

snug piercing process

Snug Piercing Jewelry

Snug piercing has some very simple piercing jewelry ideas because it is located in a very deep area were experimenting with the jewelry is actually of no use. But yes, you can try whatever jewelry you want on the front part and wear a similar or well-suited piece on the inner portion. Here are some common ideas to go for:

  1. Studs: Well-suited for any ear piercing, studs and posts can be applied to Snug piercing as well. Various combinations of studs make it difficult for you to choose the best one from beautiful designs and styles. Studs secure your jewelry piece from falling off and, thus, attains the main advantage.
  2. Hoops: Best alternative as jewelry for a Snug piercing when you want a break from studs. Small hoops and rings are best made for Snug piercing can give you various styles, designs, and colors in jewelry pieces.

snug piercing jewelry

Steps to do before a Snug Piercing

One of the most important steps in Snug piercing is preparing your mind to get one because of its huge limitations and complexities. Get aware of different types of Snug piercing by reading different articles, watching videos, talking to people with similar interests, and, most importantly, making up your mind to face after-effects of the piercing, which can result in infections and allergic symptoms, felt in every type of body piercing.

Secondly, you can look for a trusted and knowledgeable piercer who can finish your Snug piercing properly. Do not rush to any of them just because they are charging you less. Some cheap piercers may end up ruining your skin badly. Go for a highly recommended and experienced piercer who would complete your piercing smoothly.

What else you can do is prepare your clothes beforehand to avoid confusion when you are about to go. Prefer a comfortable outfit with a simple outlook, neither too shiny nor dull, with hair tied up properly in an uncomplicated manner.

Another important stride you can go for is to stay away from chemicals. Your piercing should not get in touch with any chemicals in any form, be it shampoo, makeup, perfume, or any other chemical used while cleaning the piercing. While going to get your Snug piercing done, make sure that you neither apply any makeup nor use strong perfume because this can make your piercer uncomfortable.

Snug Piercing infections

Infections, germs, and bacteria, all choose a path that is dirty, unhygienic, and the area which is kept unmanaged for a long time. Snug piercing infections can take a similar path if you dont take care of the piercing.

  1. The first step in fighting infections is acceptance. As soon as you accept the problem that getting an infection is normal to any type of body piercing, things become easier to deal with because now you know the problem. Once you are familiar with that, you will get an ear infection after the piercing; you search for answers and solutions.
  2. The next move is to identify what exact infection symptoms you are observing in your piercing. Your symptoms can range from a sudden pain to bleeding, swelling, discharge of yellowing pus, or continuous redness for some days.
  3. The only method to get away from these infections is to keep your piercing clean and follow proper aftercare treatments that are natural and homemade.

Snug Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning

Going for some legitimate and convenient aftercare and cleaning procedures for Snug piercing is essential as it decides the future for your ear piercing. You can go for some steps from the following list, which you find useful and easy according to your piercing condition.

  1. Never take your snug piercing lightly just because it is between two thin bones of the ear and follow all the procedures on your snug piercing that would go for anybody piercing.
  2. Keep track of your cleaning procedures. For better and improved results, you should clean your piercing at least twice a day, once in the morning and another in the evening.
  3. Try to use home remedies for cleaning. The best results for Snug piercing are noticed when you follow home treatments that are natural and organic. One of them is cleaning ear piercings using salt and warm water. You can refer to the procedure mentioned below for fast and organic results.
  4. Firstly, take some fresh distilled water and some natural salt (white salt, not black salt).
  5. Heat the water properly until it becomes non-bearable.
  6. Mix some salt and warm water and make a smooth and bearable mixture of apples on the piercing.
  7. You can also heat the mixture so that it becomes lukewarm and can be touched easily without getting hurt.
  8. You can soak your Snug piercing jewelry piece into the water and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes and consequently spray the solution onto your Snug piercing after removing the jewelry piece for proper cleaning.
  9. There is another way out of the above step. Lean your head over the container with lukewarm water with your Snug piercing downwards. Immerse your piercing fully into the water and leave it for about 15 minutes.
  10. There is a third way out as well if you are not comfortable leaning down the container. You can soak any clean and plain cloth or a cotton ball in the water and gently rub it on your Snug piercing area. This method will clean your Snug jewelry piece as well as the hole of tragus piercing.
  11. If you follow step 5 or 6, make sure that you rinse your ear with normal water without salt.
  12. Always dry your piercing after any cleaning process, natural bath, or even after when you wash your face. This step is one of the essential steps because most of the infections occur in wet areas, and keeping the piercing dry can lower the chances of catching the virus.
  13. Avoid ointments, chemical lotions, liquid medications, or any other related stuff without a doctors prescription. Even if you know about these chemical medicines, dont take a risk to apply them on your newly created Snug piercing because you dont understand what reacts and gives you infections.
  14. Observe your sleeping position. It is recommended and observed that sleeping above your Snug piercing can get you enough pain and bloodshed to convert it into an infection, and it can happen due to multiple reasons.
  15. One of the reasons is extreme pressure on the piercing. On the one hand, you are talking about keeping the piercing pressure-free and leaving it untouched and undisturbed, and on the other hand, if you sleep on the piercing, how will these get fulfilled? Therefore, sleep opposite to the ear with the Snug piercing so that Snug piercing gets enough space to breathe.
  16. The second reason can be bacteria-filled pillows, which can attack the piercing if you sleep on them, even if you wash them regularly.

Cost of Snug piercing

The cost of Snug piercing ranges from $40 to $90 for a single piercing. If you want to keep your piercing lifelong without getting any after-injury issues, you should go for a highly experienced and professional piercer. He may cost more than what a normal piercer does but will deliver the best service required for the piercing.

An inexperienced piercer can make your piercing unsuccessful by using faulty instruments, incorrect piercing procedures, choosing the wrong starter jewelry, and guiding you to the incorrect jewelry pieces which may not be suitable for your skin type. The jewelry costs entirely depend on your choice and have no starting or ending rate. It is advisable to use the best quality and original starter jewelry for any piercing type and avoid artificial jewelry pieces.


Snug piercing is another cartilage piercing but has limited jewelry options to make it attractive and fashionable for yourself. You should keep the best service and long-lasting benefits, your priority, while choosing a piercer. Choose the most comfortable and stylish jewelry piece for your Snug piercing, and dont forget to clean it from time to time, and additionally follow after-care methods.