Bridge Piercing: Procedure, Pain, Healing Process, Jewelry, Aftercare And Cost

bridge nose piercing

Bridge Nose piercing is famously edgy, yet the standard-issue nose ring or stud has become an ever-increasing number of mainstreams these days. Indeed, even bridge piercing is showing up on incalculable big names and influencers. There is something like one style of nose piercing that is as yet harder to drop by, and that is the bridge piercing. As the name proposes, bridge piercings cross the bridge of the nose, typically at the harder part between the eyes.

Bridge piercings can be unpretentious in design, but theyre generally attractive. They may seem a little intimidating to someone who considering getting one. If you have any doubts about whether youre a good candidate for bridge piercing or what would happen if you go through with it, dont worry weve got all the information, which you need to know.

bridge piercing

What Is Bridge Piercing?

A bridge is also alluded to as Erl. Erl is a horizontal bar that goes across the nose bridge. As most people have relatively little tissue in the area where the jewels take hold, so the chances of rejection and migration are high.

No Erl piercers have detailed any involuntary eye-crossing despite the rumor that a bridge piercing will make you cross-eyed. Most neglect its even there. Make sure the jewel doesnt interface with the wearing of sunglasses or glasses. Ensure that the piercing is high and you are fine with it.

bridge piercing process

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What Is The Procedure for Getting A Bridge Nose Piercing?

A bridge nose piercing is done by inserting the needle through the nostril and then into the top of your septum, which can be a little painful. The piercer will make sure that there isnt any tissue blocking its way before pushing inwards to create an opening for the jewelry (usually a ring). It’s important to note that this piercing is done in the posterior septum, which means it will take a lot of healing time.

bridge piercing healing time

Bridge Nose piercings are a type of nose piercing that is done on the bridge. It can be done in one or two holes for each eye, depending on personal preference and how you want to wear your jewelry.

Bridge Piercings are not too common but they do have their benefits! For example, it’s easy to find a jewelry piece for this piercing because it is very popular in Asia. A bridge nose piercing is typically done with small, curved barbells, which are the most common type of metal used in facial piercings. You can also get double-hooked earrings or labrets that will fit your piercing well.

These types of piercings are usually done with jewelry that has a flared end to make it easy for piercers to insert the barbell through your skin. Piercing guns will not be used because they should never be used on facial piercings!

Bridge Nose Piercing Pain And Healing Time

The pain resilience power of every individual is different so its difficult to determine pain level, however since the bridge piercing is penetrated through tissue, and not cartilage or a region with a ton of nerves, many individuals say it isnt so painful of a piercing. On a pain scale of 1 to 10, bridge piercing is around 5. More like you feel slight uneasiness.

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Bridge piercings are intense because they require more pressure and pinch. If you have any cartilage piercings, then youll be able to tolerate a bridge piercing.

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A bridge piercing needs 8-10 weeks to heal, but it might take up to 12 weeks and the bridge piercing rejection rate is high. When this time is over, you can change the barbell on your bridge if necessary for a shorter curved one. But during this time, the internal tissue will need an extra 6-8 hours of healing time. Replacing a gem with another can be painful, and might take as long as eight months before the body has fully healed.

bridge nose piercing

What Type of Jewelries Used for Bridge Piercing?

In view of how much tissue you have accessible in this area, the beginning gauge of your piercing should be recommended by your piercer. The bigger gauge you can serenely wear, the better (to ideally forestall rejection).

Curved barbell: For bridge piercings, the curved barbell is the perfect choice as a straight barbell can increase the chances of migration and cause strain on the fistula edges.

What Jewelry Material Is Used for Bridge Piercing?

Titanium: This nickel-free metal is an incredible alternative for the vast majority, however, it will in general be a pricier material. We generally suggest ensuring your piercer utilizes implant-grade titanium or strong gold gems, particularly for an underlying piercing. Many piercers use titanium adornments for all piercings because it is hypoallergenic. Titanium is a superior quality metal contrasted with surgical steel, which contains nickel that the vast majority will, in general, react to.

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Gold: High-quality gold (usually 14k and up) is another strong alternative, as long as you dont have any known sensitivities. Try not to hold back on the quality here, as smaller gold or gold plating can cause infection. These metals are awesome piercings as theyre less inclined to discolor and plated gems can be riskiest for the recuperating process and long-haul wear.

Step By Step Instructions To Change Out A Bridge Piercing

On the off chance that you need to change out your gems, we recommend coming in to visit an established and experienced piercer for help, as body gems can be interesting to change—particularly in case youre inexperienced with it. Its significant that you stand by long enough after the underlying piercing prior to changing out your gems. You shouldnt eliminate or supplant adornments until the space is totally mended.

bridge piercing healing time

What Should I Do If My Bridge Piercing Gets Infected?

If you have a bridge piercing that becomes infected, its important to take care of the open wound right away. The best way to do this is by soaking in warm water for 20 minutes and then using an antibiotic ointment on your pierced area. Make sure to continue doing this until the infection clears up usually within two weeks.

Soak your piercing in warm water for 20 minutes. Apply antibiotic ointment to the pierced area with a clean cotton swab (or fingertip). Continue doing this until the infection clears up, which usually takes about two weeks.

bridge piercing care

What Are Aftercare Tips For Bridge Nose Piercing?

Keep the area where you had the piercing clear of brutal items such as hair products or cosmetics and dont use any cleaning agents during its healing time. Before getting a new piercing, always make sure it is properly cleaned. Clean your ears with the warm salt water wash twice per day to avoid any microbes.

In spite of traditional thinking, you should not jab and push your new piercing excessively—including turning it. Turning and twisting used to be the standard for aftercare, but more current practices say to leave the gems in place during the bridge of your healing cycle and avoid twisting it.

Side Effects of Bridge Nose piercing

Tenderness and swelling: Youre probably going to encounter some uneasiness after the underlying piercing, which may last a couple of months. If you take proper consideration, the pain and swelling should disappear all alone.

Allergic reaction: This side effect can emerge from utilizing some unacceptable sort of metal. Sensitivities to silver, gold, and nickel are genuinely normal, so its ideal to choose gems produced using a hypoallergenic material like surgical steel or titanium.

bridge piercing cost

Bridge Piercing Cost

All piercings, including bridge piercings, are $40 in New York. Be careful about salons that charge less, as they probably wont be reputable.

Many piercers even charge $50 for the bridge piercing and titanium adornments, which are cleaned in our emergency clinic grade autoclave and are included in the cost.

Each shop will have different costs for piercings, however, on the off chance that you pay somewhere in the range of $30-$50, you ought to be genuinely protected in the event that youve done your research. The adornments will be the biggest price variable.


A bridge piercing is a type of nose piercing that goes through the center cartilage in your nose and can be done horizontally or vertically. Bridge piercings are usually placed about to inches from each other on either side of the top ridge of your nostril. The bridge is the part of your nose where you typically get a bump from being hit. During the healing process, you need to follow proper aftercare tips.