Auricle Piercing Complete Guide - Procedure, Pain, Healing Time, Aftercare, Cost, Jewelry

Auricle Ear Piercing

The auricle is the part of the ear, located between the cartilage cluster of the helix and earlobe. The location of the auricle is such that it has a wide space to flaunt your jewelry pieces between helix and earlobe.

What is Auricle Piercing?

Auricle Piercing is the type of piercing in which you can choose any area between helix and earlobe and pierce it to put your favorite jewelry and flaunt it among your peers and family members.

what is auricle ear piercing

Auricle piercing is a type of cartilage piercing that requires extra effort and care in the healing process not to get it damaged easily.

What Happens During An Auricle Piercing? - Auricle Piercing Procedure

Auricle piercing is a common type of cartilage piercing, especially for persons who are fond of filling their ears with various jewelry pieces and looking fashionable and stunning every time.

Before actually going for an auricle piercing, you should know what happens during an auricle piercing and what are the steps involved in auricle piercing.

  1. Your first job is to choose an experienced and professional piercer in your locality or anywhere with expert knowledge in piercing and stuff, especially in auricle piercing.
  2. Secondly, you have to go to the piercing studio to get your Auricle piercing done, and it is preferable to take someone to calm you after you are done with the piercing because after all, you have to get multiple holes screwed in your ear altogether.
  3. The piercer usually starts by asking you a comfortable and suitable place for your Spiral piercing done successfully.
auricle ear piercing procedure
  1. Then, he disinfects the ear of piercing to avoid all the bacteria and germs enter your piercing holes.
  2. The piercer asks you two to three times about the exact places of piercing according to the jewelry piece you would prefer at y9ir auricle. The piercer then marks an accurate piercing hole between the helix and earlobe.
  3. Finally, the piercer uses a sterilized needle to make a hole in the places marked. At this point, when your ear is getting pierced, you may feel pain and other types of problems.
  4. The piercer then again sanitizes the ears and puts on some attractive and unique jewelry according to your choice and budget.

Auricle Piercing Pain

Unlike other cartilage piercings, auricle piercings are known to fall on the lower pain scale as the area of the auricle is comparatively thinner than other cartilage areas like a helix and anti-helix piercings.

When we talk about auricle piercing pain, there are eventually two types of pain. The first type of pain is the pain you may feel at the time of the piercing process.

This type of pain majorly depends on the piercer.

If you choose a professional and experienced piercer, he will make sure that you dont feel any pain in the piercing process as they have techniques to minimize pain and make you feel comfortable throughout the harsh process.

auricle piercing pain

The other type of pain is the pain you feel in the healing period, which is quite common after any kind of piercing.

The time of this pain depends on the type of piercing you are dealing with and eventually on the healing period of that piercing.

The only way to minimize this pain is to provide the proper piercing care, home treatment, and follow some specific aftercare procedures to reduce pain and the healing time.

The Healing Process Of Auricle Piercing

Mostly cartilage piercing, including auricle piercing, is more prone to bumps and infections. Thus, it needs more attention and proper cleaning so that your auricle piercing does not get out of fashion and appears damaged.

Here are some simple rules to improve your piercing from any type of infection and bumps.

  1. Change your sleeping position: If you are the type of person who sleeps on their sides, you need to change your sleeping side as you should not sleep on the piercing side. This may too hurt your newly created auricle piercing.
  2. Keep your surroundings clean: You should keep this thing in your mind that having a clean bedsheet and pillowcase under your auricle piercing can keep it from infections.
auricle piercing aftercare
  1. Keep yourself away from piercing jewelry: Touching jewelry and ear piercing with your hands can be harmful to your piercing. It can ultimately catch infections and allergies, as your hands may have bacteria and germs that may infect the piercing site.
  2. Clean your piercing site properly: Sometimes, you may leave your ear after taking a bath or washing your face. Such a lousy practice of playing with your piercing site as any type of sweat, water, or any liquid, if left on a piercing site, can cause a reaction with the piercing jewelry and leave you with bumps, infections, and allergies. So, make sure that you dry your piercing site after any interaction with water.

Cost Of Auricle Piercing

The auricle piercing usually costs between $10 and $30. This is only the cost of getting a piercing done.

The jewelry pieces that you would wear have an additional cost.

Some piercers provide free piercing services in which you only have to pay for the jewelry.

auricle piercing cost

Those piercers may use unsafe piercing equipment, which can cause harm to your Forward helix.

The cost of auricle piercing jewelry entirely depends on you what type and quality of jewelry you want to wear.

Its range is fixed and varies according to the kind of material, size, shape, color, and designs of the jewelry piece.

Auricle Piercing Jewelry

Auricle piercing has many different types of jewelry, as it is that part of the ear that is visible and needs to be loaded with some unique and stunning piercing jewelry.

Studs secure the first worldwide position in auricle piercings. These are manageable, handy, eye-catching, budget-friendly, and a one-stop solution for all types of ear piercings.

everything about auricle piercing

The Straight barbell is the most common and fascinating type of jewelry piece which can be worn mostly on all types of ear piercing. Circular, straight, curved, and horseshoe barbell are some of its subtypes commonly used as auricle piercing jewelry.

Rings and Spirals occupy the next level of jewelry makeover for the ear piercings.

Various combinations and variations are seen in these rings and spirals where the color, size, design, outlook, width, height, and weight of the rings makes them different from one another.

Auricle Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning Procedures

The saltwater solution is said to be most effective for curing after piercing pain and reducing your healing process. Let us look at the procedure to make and apply this saline water solution.

  1. The first step is to take some fresh distilled water and some natural salt.
  2. Mix the salt and filtered water correctly.
  3. Heat the mixture so that it becomes lukewarm and can be touched easily without getting hurt.
  4. You can soak your jewelry piece into the water and let it soak for about 15-20 minutes and consequently spray the solution onto your piercing after removing the jewelry piece for proper cleaning.
  5. There is another way out to step four. Lean your head over the container with lukewarm water with your auricle piercing downwards. Immerse your piercing fully into the water and leave it for about 15 minutes.
auricle piercing aftercare

If you follow step 5, make sure that you rinse your ear with normal water without salt.

  • Using any chemical solutions like the ear care mixture, hydrogen peroxide, bacitracin, Hibiclens, Neosporin, and rubbing alcohol are extremely harmful to your tragus piercing and can make your condition even worse.
  • Auricle piercing healing can even get slower than the average time period of some months if you possess any allergies, diabetes, or any other health problems.
  • Switching your jewelry before the wound properly heals is another lousy idea which increases your healing time even more.

In the healing phase, you may encounter many Auricle piercing infections and wounds, which is indeed a part of the healing to smoothen your piercing for a lifetime.

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As discussed above, as soon as you should catch the symptoms, you should consult a doctor for better treatment than homemade medication.

However, one homemade solution that is effective in this condition is putting a thick layer of turmeric paste on your tragus, which heals your piercing infection even more.

Putting a small stem of neem into your piercing is another way to heal your tragus faster.

Auricle Piercing Infections

Infections in any type of piercing, especially with cartilage piercings, are common and unavoidable.

You can think of a piercing without any after infection and allergies because this is how these are. Only proper care can minimize them or destroy them completely.

There are many types of infections that are caused by auricle piercings.

This primarily includes sudden swelling, extreme redness, itching, burning, tenderness, pain, or yellow pus discharge.

ear piercing infection

These symptoms can make a big face if not eradicated at the right time.

The essential step is to identify that your piercing has started being infected. After successfully identifying that your healing phase has started because of these sudden allergies and infections.

The next part is to take proper steps to reduce those infections by following some homemade medication and cleaning steps.

  • Dont remove the piercing because doing this can even cause the infection to spread more and go inside the hole.
  • Clean the piercing with normal water or saline water without using any chemicals.
  • Use antibiotic ointments only when the doctor prescribed you to do so.
  • See a doctor when the conditions go extreme, like when the redness or pus is out of control, and there is no improvement in the infection using home treatments.


Auricle piercing is just another type of ear piercing mostly done by people to either fill the whole of their ear with attractive and trending earpieces or to get rid of other ear piercing as this piercing occupies the most flawless.

Regular eye-catching area and piercing this area gives you a stunning look, and it makes you more trendy if you wear simple and elegant jewelry pieces.