Anti-Tragus Piercing Complete Guide - Procedure, Pain, Healing Time, Aftercare, Cost, Jewelry

anti-tragus piercing guide

Before knowing about Anti-Tragus piercing, we must understand what an anti-tragus is. Concisely, Anti-Tragus is the aperture of the outer ear cartilage, which is located just opposite to the Tragus and the ear canal, and both Tragus and Anti-Tragus are joined by the intertragic notch. It is more accurately defined as a small tubercle on the part of the ear which is visible. It is even more sensitive and a small part of the Tragus.

What is Anti-Tragus Piercing?

Anti-Tragus piercing is a process of inserting any piece of jewelry at the outer ear cartilage, which is just opposite to the Tragus for the sake of self-satisfaction, and also when someone is fond of jewelry and ornaments.

what is anti tragus piercing

What Happens During An Anti-Tragus Piercing?

As this is a matter of a sensitive part of your ear, Anti-Tragus piercing should be carried out by a professional and experienced piercer. Either you can visit their premises, or they can come to your home, it depends on you how you are comfortable. When you visit a piercing studio, you will be asked to lie down on a comfortable seat or bed where you can easily get your Anti-Tragus piercing done successfully.

anti tragus piercing procedure

The next step is usually cleaning your ear inside out properly to make sure that there are no bacteria or germs left on your skin. Cleaning is generally done with plain water and cotton or rubbing alcohol. Thirdly, a temporary spot is made at the place you wish to get your Anti-Tragus piercing. Piercer confirms the exact position of piercing twice or thrice to make sure you do not land in trouble afterward.

The piercer will start inserting either a curved or a straight needle through your Anti-Tragus to create a clear hole. This might be the most threatening time of your Anti-Tragus piercing process, but it just takes a few seconds to complete the process. A piece of jewelry of your choice will be inserted into the hole, and this completes your process of Anti-Tragus piercing.

Anti-Tragus Piercing Pain: The Healing Process

Cartilage piercings seem to be more painful than other normal piercings. Anti-Tragus piercing has earned a rating of 7 out of 10 in the pain. That means the level of painfulness is more than average. The extra pain in the cartilage piercing is because of its small size and more thickness than other ear parts.

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As a sharp needle is inserted in your Anti-Tragus, you will feel pain and stress when the process is going on and even afterward for a few months, or it may take even a year. This is what we call the healing period of Anti-Tragus piercing. At the time when the procedure of Anti-Tragus piercing is going on, the level of experience your piercer has will definitely affect your level of pain at that time because a more experienced and professional piercer would do it in less time keeping your pain minimal.

But the healing process will take time as it is meant to be. You can reduce the pain and the time period by getting it healed faster through various remedies.

Anti-Tragus Piercing Jewelry

Anti-Tragus piercing is a small and thick space where only a tiny jewelry piece can be fitted easily. However, it is not that there are any limitations in designs or jewelry pieces. There is a wide range of jewelry designs, and some of them include Barbell and Ring. Specifically, a small circular and curved barbell would look elegant and would fit nicely. If you are fond of wearing rings and curves, ball closure ring designs will go the best.

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Studs designed explicitly for cartilage are favorite these days, and they capture attention in the name of the anti-tragus piercing. A simple, elegant-looking, and small gemstone, bead, or charm are a budget-friendly and easy-to-use choice for anti-tragus piercing. Captive bead rings and hoops are just other types of anti-tragus jewelry pieces from the wide range.

In some cases, the part of the ear, the anti-tragus, is very small. Thus, in such cases, using a micro jewelry piece of a smaller gauge is highly recommended as it avoids extending the healing time. A suitable combination of Tragus and Anti-Tragus piercing will make the whole look eye-catching.

anti tragus piercing jewelry

Anti-Tragus Piercing Aftercare and Cleaning

Anti-Tragus piercing is said to be one of the most sensitive types of piercing, which needs immense care and precaution. One needs to be extremely careful while handling the Anti-Tragus piercing after it is done successfully, as it has enormous chances of getting various types of damages and pain. Here are some aftercare tips to make your Anti-Tragus piercing a success. The healing process of anti-tragus piercing can go up to eight to sixteen weeks. The complete healing process usually goes up to six months or even a year.

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This period may become very harsh and unbearable for you if you dont take proper care and necessary precautions for the same. The continuous pain, crustiness, and bleeding are some common symptoms of this healing process but do not last for too long.

Below are some of the aftercare tips for anti-tragus piercing that should be followed for best results:

  • Wash your hands properly before cleaning your anti-tragus piercing.
  • Use a mixture of water and salt solution for cleaning the pierced spot two times per day,
  • Avoid using earphones or headphones to avoid injuring the piercing,
  • Swimming should be avoided in this period as this could result in infections,
  • Make sure that you dont get any dirty materials to touch your anti-tragus piercing,
  • Use proper jewelry size according to the area of your anti-tragus, so that chances of getting ear piercing bumps, and unnecessary pain reduces.
  • Avoid sleeping on the pierced side.
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Following are some extra guidelines that seem to be small but may result in a big blunder if not taken care of:

  • Headphones and earbuds are elements that need attention: The location of the anti-tragus is such that when you have a newly equipped piercing, you will definitely face difficulty in listening to music with headphones or earphones.
  • Keep foreign objects away: Keep your hair tied and away from the area of piercing during its healing period. Be extra careful while changing clothes so that you dont rip the jewelry from its piercing and cause harm to yourself.
  • Avoid moving the jewelry: Cartilage piercings such as anti-tragus piercing tend to develop scars, cartilage bumps, and thick knots at the anti-tragus piercing area. Do not touch the jewelry and the area as it may lead to harm and damage to your anti-tragus.

Anti-Tragus Piercing Infections

Anti-Tragus piercing infections are somewhat similar to Tragus piercing infections and are illustrated as any piercing generates an open wound, which takes time to heal.

anti tragus infection

And in this healing time, tragus infection may develop, and there are specific reasons for it. Some of them are:

Oxygen issue: If you put an extreme and tight piercing into your Tragus, it will definitely not have enough space to breathe and thus may result in infection.

Hygiene: You should be very careful with your tragus piercing because touching your jewelry or the ear with wet, dirty, or infectious hands will definitely transfer bacteria to your Tragus, resulting in a serious tragus infection.

Hair: Long hair can actually stick to your tragus-piercing wound, which can make you irritated, increase the injury, and result in more pain and infection.

Anti-Tragus piercing infections outlooks some symptoms before it actually gets infected like extreme redness on your tragus area, white or clear seepage dripping out of the wound, throbbing around the Tragus, visible swollen area, or feeling extremely irritated by the heat of the Tragus. For better treatment, one should concern the doctor as they will prescribe the best and effective treatment options like topical medication or antibiotics, oral antibiotics, and topical steroids.

Cost of Anti-Tragus Piercing

The average cost of the anti-tragus piercing is between $30 and $100. This cost includes the piercer and, of course, the jewelry pieces that you wear as the anti-tragus piercing for the first time. You should also choose your starter jewelry with one of the high-quality metals to avoid complications from skin sensitivities or jewelry rejection.

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Anti-tragus piercing is a type of ear piercing that is in trend nowadays and is opposite to what tragus piercing is. As these piercings are cheaper than what actual ear jewelry pieces cost, they are attainable and hence are in fashion. Not only for fancy outlooks but anti-tragus piercing with regular curved, circular barbells or rings also gives you a simple yet elegant look.